PySyft’s documentation

PySyft is an open source library that provides secure and private Deep Learning in Python.

Latest release

Latest stable release can be found on:

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Our rapidly growing community of 12,000+ can be found on Slack. The Slack community is very friendly and great about quickly answering questions about the use and development of PySyft!


Getting Started

New to PySyft? Here you can find a guide into installing and first steps into using PySyft, as a data owner or data scientist.


User guide

The user guide provides in-depth explanation on the key concepts used by PySyft and a glossary of terms you may encounter.


API reference

The reference guide contains description of the PySyft API, covering how the methods work and which parameters can be used. It assumes that you have an understanding of the key concepts.


Developer guide

Want to contribute to Openmined tech stack, fix a typo or file a bug? Here you can find extensive guidelines on how you can help improve PySyft.