I have all the dependencies

  1. Create a new env specifying the Python version (we recommend Python 3.8/3.9) in the terminal:

conda create -n syft_env python=3.9
conda activate syft_env
  1. Install PySyft and Hagrid

To install the OpenMined stack that you need in order to deploy a node, please run:

pip install -U syft hagrid --pre

PySyft is a library which contains the tools to run privacy preserving machine learning. Hagrid is a commandline tool that speeds up the deployment of PyGrid, the provider of a peer-to-peer network of data owners and data scientists who can collectively train AI model using Syft.

  1. Launch the Doman Node

You only have one final step remaining now, before you unleash the power of Hagrid! The final step is to launch a domain node, which is as easy as:

hagrid launch <name_of_domain>

To stop the running domain, run:

hagrid land <name_of_domain>

But before stopping it, you can go to localhost:8081 in your browser to actually interact with the PyGrid Admin UI, where you can manage as a Data Owner your datasets, as well as incoming requests from data scientist. You can log in using the following credentials:



Now you’re all set up to fully start using PySyft!